For the love of cheese

Life Love Cheese’s motto is “For The Love Of Cheese” and simply put, that is what we are all about. But those five words capture so much more than just eating tasty cheese. The love of cheese is about loving all that goes into cheese from the animals that produce the milk to the farmers who care for the herds to the cheesemakers who practice their magic (well, not really magic, but science and craft) to make cheeses.


Meet Our Founder

Kimi, the owner of Life Love Cheese, bought her first Community Supported Agriculture vegetable share from when she was working as an innovation manager in the technology sector. That first season opened her eyes to the amazing food producers living right in her own backyard. Hooked on supporting the local food system, she set out to try as many artisan products as she could get her hands on.

It wasn’t long before Kimi’s love of food led her to enroll in the culinary program at Boston University and eventually get a master’s degree in Gastronomy. At BU, she focused on local food systems while earning both a Culinary Arts and an Artisan Cheese Certificate. She also attended the Sterling College Artisan Cheese Institute in Vermont’s artisan cheese country.

Kimi has worked with various Massachusetts-based food organizations (like Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA), The Trustees, Boston Public Market, Urban Farming Institute), worked as a cheesemonger with the infamous Formaggio Kitchen, and shared her passion for artisan cheese by teaching cheese tasting and making classes throughout New England. 

Now, she’s bringing her expertise and experience to Life Love Cheese.