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The Party Graze (serves 15+)

The Party Box is the largest of Life Love Cheese’s grazing board boxes. It’s so big, it can only be contained on a sheet tray. This is a grazing board to share with 12 or more people.

Party Boxes are like having a grazing table in one, big, convenient to-go package. The Party Box helps take the work out of parting planning. Why run all over town gathering all the ingredients when you can get the whole thing in one beautifully arranged tray?  The Party Box is a show stopper leaving you with plenty of time to blow up balloons, buy streamers and mix drinks. The Party Box includes 6-8 types of cheeses, 4-5 types of meat, spreads or mustards, and accompaniments such as fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and dried fruit, olives and pickles. Don’t forget the crackers!

The Party Box comes on a 16 x 11 aluminum sheet and includes:

  • One Spotlight Product from Local, Women-Owned or BIPOC-Owned Company
  • 6 or more types of cheeses
  • 4 or more types of meat
  • Spread or mustard
  • Assorted fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and dried fruit
  • Olives and/or pickles
  • 2 Boxes Water Crackers

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        Our values begin with the word C-H-E-E-S-E: 

        Customers Inviting, friendly, fun experience.

        Happiness Everyone leaves happier.

        Employees Fair wages. Clear policies. Benefits. Continuous Education.

        Equality All are welcome. Woman & Minority Owed. Woman & Minority Made Products.

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        Environment Minimize waste. Seek sustainable products.


        Can I place a bulk order?

        Absolutely! Life. Love. Cheese. offers bulk orders for your
        next gathering or gift-giving needs. We can install custom grazing boards for
        sharing, create individual boxes for a socially distanced gathering, wrap up
        gift giving packages. We can even arrange deliveries in the Boston Metro area.
        Contact us to discuss details.

        Can I make a substitution?

        All our boards are chef’s choice based on products and
        featured products available at the time of the order. Each week, the selection
        of products changes and we cannot accommodate special requests or substitutions
        on our standard grazing board orders.

        Please inquire for some of the customization options
        available for bulk orders.

        Can I place a recurring order?

        Life. Love. Cheese. currently does not offer a recurring
        order option. We recommend placing an order each week. If you’d like to be
        included on our weekly order reminder email, please sign up here.

        For less frequent reminders through our newsletter, sign up

        Subscriptions are coming soon.

        What’s on Life. Love. Cheese. Grazing Boards?

        Each grazing board includes an assortment of cheeses and charcuterie
        alongside accompaniments like nuts, dried fruits, fruits, vegetables, and
        sweets. When ever possible our fruits and vegetables come from local farms and
        farmers markets.

        Products and pairings are selected to make noshing delicious
        and fun, but also educational. All our grazing boards come with a menu card and
        a featured product highlight story. We hope you’ll find new favorites to add to
        your grocery list.

        Our featured products highlight either a product from producers
        in the New England and Northeast region or a product from a women-owned or
        BIPOC-owned company.